Trinity Rental Services

1419 Hugh Wallis Road South

Lafayette, LA 70508

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Do you work on an offshore rig and require safe, custom storage solutions for your oil? Trust years of knowledge and experience with our family owned and operated container rental services.

We are dedicated to providing you and your business with competitively-priced, safe storage solutions. We test all of our wires for durability in lifting and moving our containers. At Trinity Rental Services, safety is our number one goal. We strive to make your company more efficient in transporting equipment and goods to offshore rigs.

At Trinity Rental Services, we know that providing storage solutions for your business is vital to your livelihood. That's why all of our containers are safe, certified and OSHA compliant.

Structurally Engineered designed and certified for, API 2A, SEPCO OPS0055, and DNV 2.71.

Safe, reliable and affordable

OSHA compliant and tested.


OSHA compliant and tested.


Serving Louisiana, Texas and beyond

  • Metal tool boxes sizes 3'x'6 to 8'x'10

  • Bottle racks

  • Open-top pallet boxes

  • Cargo crates sizes 4'x8' to 8'x'24

  • Custom storage solutions

Rental containers