Safety & Compliance

The quality of our products is set to exceed documented, worldwide, accepted standards for shipping containers and offshore baskets. We do not ask you to accept our word for it; we prove it with third party inspections every step of the way. All containers are produced to the applicable worldwide standard for each container type. They are inspected after production, prior to vessel loading, upon arrival in the port, upon arrival at our yard and prior to release.

Our containers are inspected to the following standards:
ISO / CSC / Cargo Worthiness / DNV-2.7-1 / EN12079 / iso 10855 / IMO / TIR / UIC / AQIS

Trinity Rental Services utilize a systematic approach to QHSE Management by providing health and safety training to our employees and provide protection to the environment. We strive for a culture of excellence by demonstrating visible leadership and an unmeasurable concern for our people. Each employee has the authority and obligation to utilize “Stop Work Authority” that endangers people or the environment. Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental are the responsibilities of each Employee at Trinity Rental Services.


Developing and nurturing a culture in the company which sustains a commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental excellence.


Providing true resources for employee training in QHSE and job-specific skills and knowledge.


Complying with all applicable regulations and laws, and utilize best management practices when regulations and laws are not present.


Minimizing our impact environmental footprint by reducing consumption, preventing pollutions, and reducing and recycling wastes when practical.


Promote ongoing efforts to continuously improve upon the system’s performance and effectiveness by setting objectives and targets.


Perform evaluations and inspections of facilities and field locations.